My Family’s Oscars Obsession

In my family, there’s Christmas, there’s Easter, and then there are the Academy Awards.   We're completely obsessed. It starts to get serious in fall when the best-picture contenders start to hit theaters. We scour Entertainment Weekly for nomination buzz and often drive forty-five minutes to the Waltham Embassy Theater, where the more obscure titles … Continue reading My Family’s Oscars Obsession


How Many Websites Does One Person Need?

Seriously, how represented does a human being need to be on the Internet these days? First merely having  a Facebook page was a scandalous time-waster for puberty-aged moi. Now Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat sign-ups later, I feel like I've sold my soul to the WWW. I don't even have a damn Instagram, and I think I could … Continue reading How Many Websites Does One Person Need?