Magical Walks and Spots in Boston

I lived in Boston for four years, studying at Emmanuel College and living in a crappy, eternally dark apartment in the Fenway. I just recently moved to Salem, Massachusetts (only 20 miles away) and while I love discovering a new place, I miss walking the streets of Boston like an addictive pain. I miss it!

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Magical Places: Poulsbo, Washington

I first heard of Poulsbo while watching a PBS special about bakeries across America. I was babysitting, and that program happened upon the family’s television. I thought it was a safe, family-friendly thing to watch, unlike Two and a Half Men, which the kids tried to watch. I was enthralled by one town with a beloved homemade bakery called Sluys. It was Poulsbo: a little Norwegian town in Washington state.

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Magical Places: Leavenworth, Washington

I meant to write about this three months ago, but haven’t found the time until now. Luckily I wrote in my notebook and took enough pictures to remember what I wanted to say, and that’s about LEAVENWORTH WASHINGTON. Leavenworth truly is one of the strangest and most interesting places I have ever been to.

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The Airbnb from Hell

It’s only £100 to fly roundtrip to Lisbon from London, so when my cousin Melissa suggested we run off for the weekend and trace our ancestral roots, my typically frugal self thought, sure. Why not. I was studying abroad in London and as many American students do in Europe, I was going to try and check out as many countries as I could while on the continent. I know. Roll your eyes.

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Defend Til’ the End: Lena Dunham

I love Lena Dunham, but for some reason, there is a population of people out there who do not. The internet has enjoyed picking on her for years and today I have decided enough is enough. I don’t love things for no reason. Much thought is put into my obsessions.  So I know why I love Lena Dunham and I completely believe I can defend every argument there is against her.

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The Best Movie Trailers of All Time

Sometimes  film trailers are better than actual films. Sure, the endings are (usually-hopefully) left out, but endings are notoriously the worst part of movies anyway. Try and count how many times have you emerged from a dark theater sighing to a friend, “I really liked it, but the end…” It’s impossible. In trailers,  it’s all hype, excitement, and quick-moving clips to well-fitting songs. Like a first date, the montage of a trailer leaves you buzzing with wonder. The editing is so smart, nothing ever looks boring, disappointing or at all underwhelming. For many people, including myself, seeing the trailers before a feature film is the best part of a movie experience. Some trailers are better than others. Here are five I think are the best. Watch them- feel the feelings.

The Social Network (2010): . This trailer somehow made me feel weepy and beautiful over a website. It made me feel lovely to be a part of the 21st century, and for almost three minutes feel proud to be a part of a website that turned a generation into narcissists and cyber-bullies. Though most of the story is seen through characters talking and bickering with one another, this trailer somehow makes computer geeks arguing over Facebook thrilling. The chillingly beautiful choral cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” is the hot fudge of the sundae. What a trailer.

the Hunger Games (2012): I remember the first time I watched this trailer, I got actual chills up my skin by the end of it. Now, after not watching it for two years, I re-watched it and felt the same. Obviously I wasn’t the only person taken with this trailer, as the movie grossed outrageously. The exclusion of footage from the actual Hunger Games was genius, and the count-down is exactly the kind of excitement a good trailer demonstrates.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005): This teaser trailer was so epic, it really should have been reserved for the last Potter film. I was a fifth-grade fanatic about the series when this trailer came out, and I’m pretty sure I absolutely lost my shit seeing the wizards grow up in a matter of seconds before my eyes. I probably slumped off of my chair, stupefied by the moving images I had just witnessed. Bravo, bravo.

The Great Gatsby (2013): The Gatsby trailer dazzled me. The snippet of the two flapper girls dancing up at us to Jay-Z was one I couldn’t shake out of my head. Pink-suited Leonardo DiCaprio screaming silently, cars crashing, fireworks, softly spoken quotes that my English teacher introduced me to.I had to see that movie. The trailer was sleek, tasteful and a little over the top, but isn’t that what a trailer is supposed to be? Not bad, old sport.

Inception (2010): As far as action movies go, I don’t think you can beat Inception’s trailer. The spiccato strings intercepted by intense blasts of bass played instilled an artful  intensity.  Alongside visuals of a bizarre wonderland, the trailer creates an image not usually seen in an overdone genre of movies. It all actually looks as strange as dreams do, and I know when I saw this trailer, I was hooked.

Disclaimer: All of these trailers are fairly recent, and that is not out of disrespect to older films. I just believe (and I don’t think I’m alone here) that most movie trailers before 2000 come off as educational documentaries one might have seen on a projector in their CCD class as a child. Just my opinion.