My Family’s Oscars Obsession

In my family, there’s Christmas, there’s Easter, and then there are the Academy Awards.   We're completely obsessed. It starts to get serious in fall when the best-picture contenders start to hit theaters. We scour Entertainment Weekly for nomination buzz and often drive forty-five minutes to the Waltham Embassy Theater, where the more obscure titles … Continue reading My Family’s Oscars Obsession


The Podcast I Co-Host: Another Bite of Twilight

My cousin Melissa and I have a bi-weekly podcast called Another Bite of Twilight that we started in 2018. It's meant to be a humorous (but earnest) look back at our teenage obsession, the Twilight Saga, ten years later. We're re-reading the books, watching the movies again, and asking all of our biggest questions. There's … Continue reading The Podcast I Co-Host: Another Bite of Twilight

Collage art made by me! Collage is my other passion besides writing. I love reusing beautiful images I find in magazines to create thematic visions, often inspired by music or my own daydreams.  You've Got Mail Meet the Beatles! Childhood daydreamsMy sisters & me as kids For Brittany For AbbyFor SaraFor Tony Inspired by Phoebe … Continue reading

Copywriting: The Avenue at East Falls Website

The Avenue at East Falls is a luxury apartment building located in Philadelphia's historic East Falls neighborhood. As one of our clients at 1059 Creative, I was tasked with writing new website content for their rebranded site. I had never been to Philadelphia or the area, so it took research to learn about what makes … Continue reading Copywriting: The Avenue at East Falls Website

Copywriting: Wheeling Town Center

Wheeling Town Center is a transit-oriented mixed-use development featuring 100,000 square feet of retail space and 301 residential apartment units, brand new to the Chicago suburbs. While a copywriter at 1059, I helped spread the news about the new Wheeling Town Center by writing social media posts, emails, pitching taglines, blog posts, and website copy.  I … Continue reading Copywriting: Wheeling Town Center

Copywriting: Pepper Creek Farms & Gourmet Baking Co.

Inside all bottles labeled "Pepper Creek Farms", you'll discover delicious and natural herbs, spices, sugars, and salts. Their partner company, Gourmet Baking Co., sells baking sprinkles and sugars made without artificial dyes and all-natural ingredients that families can feel secure about sharing at the dinner table.  While I was the copywriter at 1059 Creative, we … Continue reading Copywriting: Pepper Creek Farms & Gourmet Baking Co.

Boston common magazine- Print articles

Articles I wrote for the print magazine Boston Common as an editorial intern in spring 2017. I conducted interviews with so many interesting people, including jewelry-maker April Soderstrom, the co-founder of by CHLOE. Samantha Wasser, and more. 

I’m Sick of Screens and Want to Live in the Real World

Social media makes me feel like I’m not a real human anymore. I used to be whole, back in the days before I willingly carried a smartphone everywhere I went. But in recent years, I feel increasingly like myself and everyone around me are not mentally the same as we once were.   When I … Continue reading I’m Sick of Screens and Want to Live in the Real World

Magical Walks and Spots in Boston

I lived in Boston for four years, studying at Emmanuel College and living in a crappy, eternally dark apartment in the Fenway. I just recently moved to Salem, Massachusetts (only 20 miles away) and while I love discovering a new place, I miss walking the streets of Boston like an addictive pain. I miss it! … Continue reading Magical Walks and Spots in Boston

Mourning the End of Nylon Magazine

Last week it was announced (rather pithily) that Nylon magazine was going out of print. After eighteen years of publishing monthly fashion and culture, the print staff was abruptly laid off with no notice. This is very sad news for someone like me. As you can see from that immense stack of Nylon magazines, I … Continue reading Mourning the End of Nylon Magazine

Magical Places: Leavenworth, Washington

I meant to write about this three months ago, but haven’t found the time until now. Luckily I wrote in my notebook and took enough pictures to remember what I wanted to say, and that’s about LEAVENWORTH WASHINGTON. Leavenworth truly is one of the strangest and most interesting places I have ever been to. I … Continue reading Magical Places: Leavenworth, Washington