No One In New England Could Stop Talking About the Blizzard

Monday afternoon in Boston the snow started and didn’t stop. After 24.4 inches of snowfall, Bostonians are still trucking through slush and snow banks to get on with their lives that for many were put on halt for a couple of days.

The T was disabled, dark business windows lined every street, and even the popular cab service Uber was not operating. If you wanted to get anywhere in Boston, one had to form their own sidewalks through hills of snow with their boots.  And to stay indoors was no way to avoid the storm. Blizzard Juno was talked about on all platforms from the news to Snapchat to Twitter memes.

Some Bostonians think most overreacted to the storm. “It was appropriate for them to close down public transportation and roads but people didn’t need to freak out,” Said Amruta Hosur, a 20 year old resident of Brighton.  “It’s not the apocalypse,”

Her roommate Leah agreed that media coverage was over-the-top. “That thing on Snapchat was kind of weird. Like some people in New York were only talking about three inches. It was no big deal.” She said in regards to Snapchat’s ‘live stream’ of the blizzard, in which users of the app could watch people’s live experiences of the snow.

“New York was such a joke,” Agreed Stacy Chen, a sophomore at Emmanuel College. Town to town and state to state folks everywhere competed to boast who had the most snow. But who had the most?

As it turns out, Auburn, Lunenburg, Hudson and Westford Massachusetts reached the highest piles of snow in three feet.  Boston attained a whole foot less than that. Still, the city was completely blanketed in what has been called the greatest January snow in 123 years. “I couldn’t see the Pru from my window anymore. I was like, where am I living?” Chen shared.

The view of the Prudential Building has returned, and our sidewalks are coming back. But at least for a while before it all melts, the piles of white atop our city will remind us of the chaotic and sometimes fun memories these snow days created.

‘Baby’ No More: Canada’s Sweetheart Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami

The officer called for the speeding car to pull over. Finally it did. He walked over to the tinted window, and it rolled down to reveal the face of teen singer and heartthrob Justin Bieber.

On January 23rd 2013, Miami Officer Medina responded to a call reporting two Lamborghinis racing each other thirty miles above the speed limit. When the vehicles were finally stopped, pop singer Justin Bieber was found to be one of the drivers responsible for the irresponsible driving. The officer immediately recognized a stench of alcohol on Bieber, and after he failed to cooperate with the officer, Bieber was arrested. He was brought to the Miami Beach Police Department where he was failed a sobriety test and was charged of a DUI.

The red and yellow Lamborghinis involved in Bieber’s drag racing had two black SUV’s trailing behind them to halt traffic from going northbound. The yellow car, Bieber’s, did not stop right away. When asked to park his car, Bieber responded, “Why did you stop me?” He continued to respond to the officer incredulously, saying, “Why the fuck are you doing this?”, “What the fuck did I do? Why did you stop me?” and “What the fuck is this about?”

To Justin Bieber and all of his fans’ surprise, he was guilty of drag racing, drinking under the influence, and using an expired Georgia drivers license.

Officer Medina experienced much difficulty getting Bieber to comply gracefully in his arrest. He continued to reach into his pants pockets, and initially resisted placing his hands on the vehicle. He finally did for a moment, until he let go to turn and face the officer. After repeatedly being told to place his hands down on the vehicle, Bieber did not follow directions, and was promptly informed he was under arrest. Bieber attempted to resist this, pulling away from the officer, but was ultimately brought to the station.

Despite bloodshot eyes, a flushed face and a stench of alcohol, Bieber claimed to have been sober and returning from a recording studio. After a breath test was taken, his blood alcohol levels were not found to standard. At Bieber’s age of 19 ,any amount of alcohol in his system is illegal.

In Bieber’s mugshot, he is all smiles as if posing with fan .Bieber has a largely young fanbase, and it is curious as to what will happen with his following after this arrest. Will his admirers support him despite bad behavior and embrace this as a part of him growing up? Or can even his biggest fans recognize that this was foolish behavior? We will have to stay tuned on the comments board.

The Face Behind

My name is Kelly Anderson, and there’s no funny story or fact about that name so we’ll just move on to the next piece of information. I grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts, which often inspired elementary school field trips to places such as writer Louisa May Alcott’s house or the cabin of writer Henry David Thoreau. These trips most likely fueled my already-sparking desire to become a writer, which entailed living a romantic life surrounded by books and fall foliage in a pea coat. Today at the age of 20, I am a proud owner of two pea coats, taking a journalism class in college and currently writing a post about a person who talks a lot about writing: me.

I knew I wanted to become a writer in the first grade. In Mrs. Larivee’s class, she had her students from last year come in and show us the books they had all written. The teacher had laminated and bound all of the students’ books, so they were sleek and ‘professional’ looking. I watched second-grader Joey read his first person narrative about a pumpkin baked into pie with complete, sinking awe. The heavens practically opened above me, and I heard a voice that said: Look! This kid just wrote an amazing story! He made it up! Doesn’t that look so beautiful? 

From there I didn’t stop. I wrote stories about my dog, a tree that grew Skittles, a haunted camp, a witch, etc. As I got older, I wrote longer stories slanted on lined paper and eventually on a 1999 computer. I stayed up nights and mornings writing these stories that very few people have seen.

I am interested in journalism because writing as a profession is the one of the only things that makes sense to me. I never wanted to do anything but write, except for a half hour in the fourth grade when I regretted not writing “soccer player” as my dream job in the school yearbook. Young Kelly did not know years later she would not even try out for the high school team.

Entertainment and fashion take up major chunks of the pie-graph of my brain, so writing for those particular subjects would make me scream. I read the reviews of Entertainment Weekly as if taking the word from some of my good friends. To write for a magazine or journal about entertainment, events, or fashion would be more than divine. Those heavens just might open up a second time.