Millennials- Can We All Just Agree Not to be Sucky Parents?

“You know, when I was a kid…”
Stop. We all know that drawling line that’s been tossed out of our parents’ mouths many times. No matter what age you are, you know your parents discussed their youth and generation to a pedestal point. Every preceding generation is superior to the following- that’s just the rules of the world. As a member of the ridiculous generation Y, I know we are not a perfect bunch. I will try not to lament on my youth when I grow older as if we owned the world and did beautiful things with it. But I will say, I am worried for the children of tomorrow. Deeply.
What does childhood even mean anymore in an indoor world of iPads? What will our kids see when they look back on their early days? Bright white screens and over-supervision? I refuse to let that happen.
Generation Y, I’m calling you all to band together and agree that (if) and when we all have children, we won’t be awful parents. Let’s give our kids a childhood to brag and laugh about. Let’s give them a 1960’s childhood like our parents had. Let’s let them run off with their friends until sunset scuffing bare feet in the dirt, getting bruises on the playground, imagining worlds inside cardboard boxes. Let’s let them get into a little mischief, let’s let them be curious and maneuver their little planet independently. Let’s let them hang out with the neighborhood kids every day- no planned play-date needed- and circle around the streets on bikes with them. Let’s let them eat Oreos if they God-forbid want to, as long as they don’t lounge around scrolling through the Internet all day.  Let’s not give our little kids these awful imagination killers-phones and video games and laptops. Let’s give them experiences and memories. Let’s give them a life they can tell stories about.
I’ve never had a child, so I’m sure I sound foolish. But I hope someday I don’t let my kids waste their childhood away indoors watching other people do and be on screens. I know it’s probably scary and difficult to allow kids be wild and explore. But we only get one childhood. You might get seventy or so years to do whatever you want as an adult- work any job, live anywhere, date anyone. But you only get a decade or so to be completely silly, immature, imaginative, free and innocent. You can never return to childhood. Let’s give our kids a time that they’d want to return to.

Feminism Needs to Get It’s Sh*t Together

I’m all for equality. Everybody should be for it, just as simply as everyone shouldn’t eat post-it notes and should flush the toilet after filling it. Equality is such a basic concept- obviously everyone should be respected and treated fairly, no matter their gender. Now, if you’ve lived on planet Earth for a while, you may have noticed that one of the two genders has had trouble all over the world being respected, taken seriously, appreciated, and given the same opportunities as the other. Thus, feminism was born, and what a great movement it is. We females have banded together hand-in-hand, fighting for the right to vote, right to fair pay, right to walk the streets without being harassed for showing some leg. We girls need each other, because in a man’s world it’s not always a wonderful one.

But lately, I can’t help but wonder: what is going on in feminism? What is the real mission and aim today? I see people who consider themselves feminists on completely opposing sides to others who also consider themselves feminists, regarding how women should behave and be seen. One woman might proclaim that those who cover their bodies completely and live quietly at home to raise their children are ‘anti-feminist’. Girls who only love  their husband and just want to be housewives are ‘offensive’ to the female population. But at the same time, on the other end of the pendulum, women who wear next-to-nothing, sleep around, and live wild single lives are also ‘anti-feminists’. “They’re objectifying their bodies! Men have turned them into sexual objects! It’s offensive!” Oh really?

So who isn’t offensive? A woman who lives in between- has a career and a family, is sexually free but also conservative?  That’s a pretty specific slice of the pie that is feminist. Here’s an idea. How about women stop telling other women what to do? Because to me, that seems anti-feminist. Men have been telling women how to act for the entire history of mankind. Why are women doing it too? Why do some women think pop stars that dance in leotards empower them, and some think those same stars oppress them? Why are we even considering this? No one frets over Justin Timberlake being a bad role model, or embodying a sexual objectification. So why can’t we just let it all be? The less attention we give it, the less of an idea it really is.

I propose we all just live our lives, and expect we’ll be respectful, treated fairly, and not worry about what people are doing and how their gender affects these behaviors.