How Many Websites Does One Person Need?

Why I’m Starting A Blog

Seriously, how represented does a human being need to be on the Internet these days? First merely having  a Facebook page was a scandalous time-waster for puberty-aged moi. Now Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat sign-ups later, I feel like I’ve sold my soul to the WWW. I don’t even have a damn Instagram, and I think I could make myself sick if I thought about my web presence long enough.

So why am I here? Why start a blog? Just go away, you’re probably thinking. Hey. Hear me out. I’m currently in school for English. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Writing is really the only constant thing I’ve ever loved. I know it’s not translatable into coins like nursing or business is. But I had hopes I could find myself at a magazine, newspaper, publishing house, or somewhere awfully creative as such. I knew it was a risky business, but I felt okay.

Yes, I felt okay, until I met the faceless jackass English major at an apartment party a month ago. Gripping a beer, in a crowded kitchen among shouting shots-downing college kids, he asked me what I was studying. I told him. He crinkled his face up like the newspapers he was about to insult, and told me essentially I have no hope. He told me he was in sales now, his friend was making no money, scary story after scary story. Then he perched an eyebrow upwards and asked, “Do you have a blog?” Er…no. “You gotta make a blog. That’s the one thing you gotta do. You gotta make a blog.”

Alas, Here I am. I made a blog. I struggled for a couple days to sculpt up my blog’s identity. I will more or less be writing whatever the hell I please, but I needed a name, a theme. Then wow came to me.

The phrase ‘oh wow’ is a favorite of mine, which I stole from the British television character Cassie Ainsworth of Skins. On the show, Cassie said “oh wow” to everything- good things, bad things, anything. She may say, “Oh wow, lovely” or “Oh wow, fuck you”-there are really no limits. Although it may sound ditsy and bizarre to drop wow so often in one’s vocabulary, I admire Cassie’s catchphrase as a way of living. She takes in every piece of life with astonishment and wonder. She revels at all parts of existence, noticing it all. I aspire to be more like that. This blog will be like that. I will write about the world with ‘wow’. And perhaps, by chance, someone out there will read something by me and feel ‘wow’ about it. And wouldn’t that be great?

I don’t know who will read this, or if anyone will care. But I’ll be doing my modern day, Internet Age duty as a writer by loyally keeping a blog, no matter how unnoticed it goes. Wow.